So, I was lucky enough to end up at RN74, one of Michael Mina’s restaurants, after a week long vacation in Miami. Whoo hoo!

Anyway, four of us dined and each enjoyed different dishes.  My favorite was the white corn tortellini appetizer.  The way they served it at the table was intricate and functional, and it was pretty much the only vegetarian thing on the menu.  Not that I am vegetarian, because I not, I just prefer veggie food.

And, it was good, fussed over food.  More note-worthy are the delicious beverages I enjoyed.  I warmed up with a refreshing concoction called the Fraggle Cup in the chill waiting lounge.  (RIP Jim Henson, creator of Fraggle Rock!)  It consists of some strange Italian bitters, soda, ginger root and tangerine.  Very unique and enhancing, I’d suggest it to anyone who likes Muppets. ; )

With dinner, I chose an Italian white called Nescetti.  The wine had an oily texture and heavy mouth feel but overall a decent structure and terrior.  I just tried to google it and either it’s really obscure or I am misspelling it because nothing came up.  Anybody know anything about this varietal?

Then, I tried to order a little glass of port.  But, my dining companions all thought I asked for “pork” and they talked me out of my typical after-dinner digestif.  Silly misunderstanding or strange set of coincidences?  Anyway, we trotted off to share a Scorpion Bowl at the Tonga Room.  Wow! those sure are sweet?!  I digress….

Someone with more info about this wine, please?

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