Happy Chinese New Year!

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Chinese New Year’s celebration in San Francisco.  This celebration began in San Francisco after the Gold Rush and our city is proud to host the second largest Chinese NY parade in the world.  Despite the rain, wind and cold, hundreds of thousands of spectators came out to witness the elaborate floats, costumes, martial arts groups and firecrackers.

I was lucky to be working with a PBS film crew that was documenting the traditional food associated with this celebration.  We sampled specialty pastries from AA Bakery & Cafe on Stockton Street (the bean cake was my favorite) and managed to get reservations at R & G Lounge on Kearny for a celebratory feast.  The salt and pepper crab was a huge hit with our group, but I was particularly partial to the baby bean sprouts and the Chinese asparagus.

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